Leather Love

I am so excited about this BCBGeneration leather jacket that I found at Macy’s! The second it got chilly (for 2 days) I decided I had to have a black, leather, moto jacket. This is my big splurge of the season. I usually try to find things more moderately priced, but I knew this would be a staple, especially in Houston with our mild climate. I gave myself a $250 budget and set out at the Galleria. I started at Nordstrom, but their jackets were slightly out of my price range. Then I tried Macy’s. When I had just about given up and was walking out the door feeling defeated there it was…sitting on the rack with a big red sign that said, “Take 40% off.” I didn’t even make it to the fitting room just tried it straight on and looked in a mirror. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I love the zipper details and buckles on the sides; it just makes me feel cool LOL. Since it was $348, but under the sale sign I rushed up to the cashier and asked if it was really 40% off…It was! I got the jacket for $225, just under my budget and I’ve been thinking of different ways to wear it ever since. It is so versatile! It goes with everything from dresses down to leggings. Check out what I paired it with below.

Here I put on a summer dress that I only got to wear once this year. The jacket makes it more fall appropriate and the shoes tie it all together. I recently had my 10-year high school reunion and this is what I had pictured I would wear in my head. Too bad I didn’t own the jacket yet…


I wore this outfit to work on Monday after the Astros won Game 5 of the World Series. I was exhausted (the game lasted until after midnight) but this was such an easy look to throw together last minute.


Whenever I’m running around on the weekends I like to wear something comfy (#leggings). Throwing this leather jacket on made me feel so much more put together than my usual sweatshirt or longsleeve.


#datenight – I always joke that I don’t have any “going out” clothes, but I think this outfit it worthy of a night out!


Here is the most basic outfit I could have put together, but the jacket gives it that extra “umph” as my dad would say! Fingers crossed that the cool front promised for tomorrow is actually cool enough that I can wear my new favorite piece. fingers crossed


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