Spring Flamingos


With the arrival of spring, I started going through my closet to see what items to toss and what to keep. I’ve found these crazy flamingo printed shorts for a while, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually worn them. I felt like I had to find a shirt with the exact colors and then when I did, I felt too matchy-matchy. Then I thought about trying to pick something that just “went” with the pattern (thank you Stacey London and Clinton Kelly #whatnottowear) Voila! This sweater was perfect because it was a little chilly in the morning and the blue/purple hue brought out some of the blue tones in the shorts. I also like that the sweater adds some texture and isn’t what I would normally think to pair with floral, flamingo shorts! Since the shorts do most of the talking, I kept my shoes simple. My accessories pick up on the color ways in the shorts, but don’t feel forced. And, the retro sunglasses I picked give this preppy look more of a laid back vibe.

If you’ve got a crazy print hiding in your closest, break it out for spring and try it with something unexpected! It might surprise you how easy it is to find things that just “go.”



~OMG y’all, my sock tan! I’ll have to work on that…LOL!~

annieday style script

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