How to Shop H&M

All right…my new years resolution is to share more with you here and over on my Instagram. I wanted to start out with a post about shopping at H&M. If you’ve seen the clothes I tag, you’ll notice a lot of them come from H&M. I fell in love with H&M’s low prices and broad variety when I lived in France in 2009. Now, we have one just down the street and I have to admit I buzz through quite often.

During my visits I have learned a few tricks that I’d like to share.


  1. Go in with an item in mind. This can minimize the stress of aimlessly looking through the many racks of clothes and give you a focus. If you are looking for a certain trend (velvet, pleats, floral, peplum, leather, etc.), you can keep an eye out for your particular need.
  2. Go up a size (or 2) in the pants especially. I wear a 6 in most pants, but I usually have to buy a 10 at H&M. They also tend to run a little long, so you may need them hemmed or if you are tall…lucky you! Most of their tops fit fairly true to size or slightly small. If you are busty or have larger arms stay away from fabrics without stretch and go up a size.
  3. Look at the materials used to make the item. Certain materials like rayon are difficult to clean and wrinkle easily so think about when you will wear it and if you want to spend the money to dry clean it or hand wash it. Also check for cotton because it may shrink if you plan to wash and dry your garment.
  4. Browse the outer racks or racks you can tell clearly have been organized to show just a few garments. If you have time, you can peruse the $10-$20 racks or the racks that have little organization, but don’t be surprised if its difficult to sort through and find an exact item in your size.
  5. Look for basics. H&M has an entire section of their store called basics! They have inexpensive pieces that you can easily mix and match into your wardrobe.
  6. Don’t forget to look at accessories. They have lots of jewelry, shoes, scarves, and purses that look designer. However, if you are allergic to nickel, stay away from the jewelry.

Most of these tips can be applied at any store, especially ones where there is discounted clothing. I hope you find them helpful!

Here are some links to things on sale right now! Happy shopping!

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